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Family-based interventions for substance use and misuse prevention

Author: mohec-admin

Additional Authors: Kumpfer, Karol L.; Alvarado, Rose; Whiteside, Henry O.
Year: 2003
URL: No URL given Journal: Substance Use & Misuse
Volume: 38
Issue: 11-13
Pages: 1759-87

Because “substance abuse” is a “family disease” of lifestyle, including both genetic and family environmental causes, effective family strengthening prevention programs should be included in all comprehensive substance abuse prevention activities. This article presents reviews of causal models of substance use and evidence-based practices. National searches by the authors suggest that there is sufficient research evidence to support broad dissemination of five highly effective family strengthening approaches (e.g., behavioral parent training, family skills training, in-home family support, brief family therapy, and family education). Additionally, family approaches have average effect sizes two to nine time larger than child-only prevention approaches. Comprehensive prevention programs combining both approaches produced much larger effect sizes. The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is the only one of these programs that has been replicated with positive results by independent researchers with different cultural groups and with different ages of children. Few research-based programs have been adopted by practitioners, partly because of technology transfer issues. Overall, research on ways to improve dissemination, marketing, training, and funding is needed to improve adoption of effective prevention programs. [References: 70]

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