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Closing the gap in a generation: Health equity through action on the social determinants of health

Author: mohec-admin

Additional Authors: WHO
Year: 2011
URL: http://www.who.int/social_determinants/thecommission/finalreport/en/index.html

The World Health Organization just released the Commission on Social Determinants of Health Final Report. The report looks at the global health inequities, the need for action, the evidence, the stakeholders, and at the extent to which daily living conditions influence health around the world. The WHO also provides a list of recommendations to achieving health equity:

  1. “Improve Daily Living Conditions
  2. Tackle the Inequitable Distribution of Power, Money, and Resources
  3. Measure and Understand the Problem and Assess the Impact of Action”

Please follow the above link to get more information about the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health’s Final Report.

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