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Building Health Equity in Springfield – Presentations available online!!

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Thank you very much to all the participants at the Building Health Equity in Springfield meeting that took place  November 15th in Springfield, Missouri. For those who couldn’t attend the meeting, please find below the slides from each of our great presenters.

1.  Perspectives from Newcomer Patients about Accessing the Health Care System

Presenter: Steve Jeanetta, PhD, Assistant Professor

Rural Sociology, University of Missouri

2. Access to Health Care Services: Perspectives from Patients with Mental Health Illness

Presenter: Ioana Staiculescu, MPH, Research Specialist

Center for Health Policy, University of Missouri

3. Breaking down the barriers: a look at Por la Salud de Nuestros Ninos


Suzanne E. Walker-Pacheco, Ph.D., Sociology and Anthropology Department, Missouri State University

Tracy Cleveland, MS, PA-C, Physician Assistant Program, Missouri State University

Deborah Piland Ph.D, RD/LD, Dietetics Program, College of the Ozarks

4. Partnering with leaders in healthcare to address disparities in practice

Presenter: David Martineau, MSW, Program Director

National Conference for Community and Justice of Metropolitan St Louis, St Louis, Missouri

5. Kitchen Inc.: What We Are Doing to Serve Our Community

Presenter: Misty Jordan, MBA, Coordinator of Health Services

The Kitchen, Springfield, Missouri

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