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Community Conversations

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From Healthy Lives — Health Communities

The overarching themes of the Community Conversation included education, information sharing and leveraging collective power. Those who attended the Community Conversation agreed that the time has come for increased action. Working together to accomplish our goals will make us more effective and confident in our ability to truly make a difference. Though collective framing of the issues, resource mobilization, and creation and recognition of political opportunity we can revitalize movement toward social justice and health equity.

General reactions to the Community Conversation

  • “Great attempt to focus the group on ACTION. Need more time!!!”
  • “I enjoyed the brainstorming on how to make an impact and am looking forward to seeing what happens!”

Some themes in the participants written comments

  1. Political power is needed to make a difference (tobacco tax, MO HealthNet expansion).
  2. Create incentives for schools to address mental and oral health and work with parents.
  3. Decrease mass incarceration of minority populations.
  4. Emphasize early childhood educational attainment and career opportunity.
  5. Make greater use of GIS in health equity work.

Take away discussion points

  • Community organization

  • Leverage current resources

  • Grassroots engagement

  • Create a unified, focused voice

  • Multi-sector collaboration

  • Smart/strategic marketing

  • Use a social justice platform in our work

  • Start small, create victories and build

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