Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are members of their communities who assist others in the community who are at risk and struggle to access health care, health-related resources, and improve on their existing health conditions. Since CHWs tend to share things such as social background, life experiences, and culture with the people they help, they’re best at effectively providing care and support to communities in need.

CHW’s are known through various titles such as lay health Advisors, promotoras de salud, outreach educators, peer health promoters, and patient navigators, to name a few. CHWs work within their communities as either on a volunteer basis or as a paid employee and work in junction with a local hospital system or health organization.

In collaboration with the Health Communication Research Center at the Missouri School of Journalism and the Cooperative Media Group at the University of Missouri Extension, Communications and Marketing, MOHEC produced two videos highlighting the work of community health workers in two organizations.

Community Health Workers – Kansas City Style

The Kansas City CARE Clinic provides basic health care services to people who cannot afford them, who are uninsured and underinsured. The video describes the role of community health workers, and highlights examples of how they interact with and support patients. The Kansas City CARE Clinic has had great success with this program and has seen improvements in the number of patients that have stopped visiting the emergency department because the patients worked with a community health worker.

Bettering Our Lives through Faith and Fitness

Randolph County Caring Community Partnership is a non-profit organization out of Moberly, Missouri. The video highlights the Faith and Fitness program, a health education program designed for African American women. The program delivers education on healthy lifestyle choices through self-health care management. In addition, the program gives opportunities to engage in physical fitness activities through a faith and fitness center. The faith and fitness center provides an easily accessible, culturally sensitive, and highly personalized place to participate in physical fitness activities.

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