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Health Opportunities and Human Rights

As a teenager I volunteered with a government subsidized food pantry and second-hand store in Jackson, Mississippi.  A thin, older man shuffled into the warehouse wearing tattered clothes and shoes with holes that exposed his sockless feet.  I believed him to be homeless but felt it rude to ask as he gave me a toothless […]

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Making America Healthier: What Can Each of Us Do?

Speaker: Dr. David Williams Sunday, November 17 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm Missouri Theater, Theater Making America Healthier: What Can Each of Us Do? Dr. David Williams, Harvard University, will discuss, “Making America Healthier: What Can Each of Us Do?” at the Missouri Theater, on November 17th, 7 p.m.- 9 p.m. Dr. Williams’ visit is sponsored […]

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All Perspectives Required: Practice Makes Progress

Part III (This is the third installment in Healthier LGBT Populations – A Call for Perspective and Patience. Read Parts I and II.) “While we talk about the importance of practicing evidence-based medicine, the reality is that medical science is still very much an art. This is particularly true when caring for sexual minorities, since […]

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Provider Perspective: Making Limited Time Count to Build Trust

The Journal of the American Medical Association published an article titled, “The Columbo Phenomenon” (Frolkis, 2013). The author thrusts the reader back in time to highlight Peter Falk, the actor who starred as Columbo in the popular detective television film beginning in 1968. Columbo was famous for ending each episode with, “Just one more thing…” […]

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Healthier LGBT Populations – A Call for Perspective and Patience

Healthier LGBT Populations – A Call for Perspective and Patience is a three-part series  to promote dialogue about the patient’s experience of primary care, emphasizing LGBT populations. The series illustrates hypothetical situations in primary care from patient and provider perspectives. Recommendations and observations from leaders in health care are referenced. While suggestions are made, the […]

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Columbia Regional Meeting

Join MOHEC in Columbia on September 11, 2013. The Missouri Health Equity Collaborative is hosting a regional meeting in Columbia focused on promising practices and ways communities are closing health disparities. The event is free and lunch is provided but registration is required. Columbia flyer Columbia, September 11, 2013 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Old […]

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Leave the Stigmas Behind

If I labeled you as, “crazy,” “stupid,” “lazy,” “incompetent,” “a monster,” or “a drama queen,” I would venture to guess that you would not find that flattering. As children we might be told, “Sticks and stones may break our bones…”, and hurtful words are not a big deal. What that childhood mantra does not take […]

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Videos Live from June Health Equity Forum

Couldn’t make it to the June Missouri Health Equity Forum? Catch up with all the promising practices and hear the complete presentations. Ryan Barker, Missouri Foundation for Health Shannon Canfield, MOHEC Morning Panel Karen Edison, Center for Health Policy Katherine Mathews, Casa de Salud Cynthia Dean, Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium, Fatherhood First Program Jason Purnell, […]

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Missouri Health Equity Collaborative team presents at Cambio de Colores

If a family loses almost a third of their wealth, what happens to their health? That question and its answers were discussed at the Twelfth Annual Cambio de Colores Conference in St. Louis. Economist William R. Emmons from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis confirmed that between 2007 and 2010, the median wealth of […]

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Cambio de Colores Conference Presentations

Recently, MOHEC contributed to the 2013 Cambio de Colores annual conference, “Latinos in the Heartland: Positive Steps toward a Pluralist Society.” Since 2002, the annual Cambio de Colores (Change of Colors) Conference brings together researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, and community members to discuss the issues that Missouri, the Heartland, and other states face as a result […]